Notes about Reviews posted here


As a challenge to write, 30 minutes is all that is allocated to view the exhibition and write something sensible about it! Can ANY art exhibition viewing be compressed into 30 minutes? Or will the average viewer dedicate less time than that?

Exhibition rating system

Exhibitions with one-star rating puts this exhibition last on my list of things to do. E.g. Work, do administrative work, prepare for lessons, Paint, coffee, laundry, television, go for a stroll in a park and only if I have TOO much time, I will see this one-star rated art exhibition again.

Exhibitions with two-star rating are worth seeing if you know the artist or happen to be in the area.

Exhibitions with three-star rating are worth seeing, especially if you follow the artists’ works. The exhibition is curated. E.g. it has an overall theme or concept behind the exhibition, rather than an eclectic mix of rojak works.

Exhibitions with four-star rating are worth making the extra effort to visit. The exhibition is well curated, and well organised with consideration for supporting events. E.g. Dialogue sessions, art education support.

Exhibitions with five-star rating puts this exhibition as ‘make appointment with friends now’, ‘must see’, and would warrant a re-visit. The exhibition is excellently curated, the site is well thought through, and the show and supporting events are superbly well-organised; with friendly museum or gallery staff to answer queries.


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