Slow start to the Biennale, but Free Pin-Badges with Exhibition Visit

The Singapore Biennale 2006 (SB2006) visual arts exhibition opened on Monday, September 4th to the public after luke warm response from curious passerbys at the padang party on September 1st, Friday. It is now official, there will be an admission charge into certain venues.

The theme of Singapore’s first visual arts Biennale SB2006 revolves around the concept of “Belief”. Through a selection of international contemporary art practices, SB2006 aims to address the complexities that surround and inform some of these questions, also examining aspects of belief in relation to the system of art itself and the inherent values of contemporary art.

The artistic director, the renowned Japanese curator and art critic Fumio Nanjo, and his curatorial team (Roger McDonald, Eugene Tan and Sharmini Pereira) conceive a Biennale with about 80 participating artists, and will present it at diverse venues, including museums, religious spaces, public institutions and disused buildings. The pathway of the audience across the city is part of the concept, providing an insight into one of the unique features that characterize Singapore as a multi-cultural society, where many beliefs co-exist alongside one other. Some of the venues also provide points of departure for a critical reflection on the role of architecture in the construction of belief and ideology.
Despite the cover admission charges, happy exhibition visitors will be delighted to know that the admission charges include a FREE pin-badge with the word “BELIEF” printed on it.

Many local artists belief that the crowd will pick up steadily after the arrival of international guests for the IMF, and after the school exams.
For more official international event coverage, please visit this website:

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