Valbelle, Myth or Fiction? Part 1: The Museum

as confusing as it seems, a photographic play of an artist investigating a ruin castle called “Valbelle”

Part 1, Museum
The role of photography today, and indeed the past, rests betweens myth and fiction.

The works on display is part of a clever play with deconstructed definitions of photography and concepts of ‘framing’ – ideologically and physical frames. The exhibit mimics a ‘museum’ explaining how the artist researched on ‘Valbelle’ a ruined castle, and how he seeked to restore its meaning through manipulated photographs, and image-making. The result is a sleek cohort of pictures, framed-within-frames, piecing together fragments of the castle’s history, it’s occupants and artefacts that survived the dawn of the French Republic. The artist obviously sees himself as playing a crucial role – as time-traveller, articulator, historian and discoverer (traditional roles of photography) through fabricated objects and cleverly ‘photoshoped’ images.

If part 1 is any gauge to go by, Part 2 is definitely worth catching.

8 of 10 stars

 Part 1, Museum
SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Francaise (1 Sarkies Rd)
till 22 Jan

One response to “Valbelle, Myth or Fiction? Part 1: The Museum

  1. Hi Boon,

    here is a very late thank you to your reviews. I saw them at the time of the show and didn’t feel appropriate then to write in. Almost a year later I am looking at them again and realizing that there has been no comment I felt I might as well say hello and thank you.

    The effort you put into doing all this is certainly most commendable. It is rather difficult now a days to get reviews from the press ( both more shows and less space in the paper). So it is really important for us to have something like that going.



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