Imitative Polyphony: I Am Only Music by Jason Moss

imitable graffiti

Jason Moss


The tunnel is just filled with indescribable mess, unlike another portion of the work near the Library. It almost seems like a poor excuse for graffiti. The space is poorly dealt with, a suggestion that time and space was not on the artist’s side.

The space is lit in parts with coloured light, done by placing coloured gels over the flourescent tubes that line the wall, but doing little to transform the space. Most of the lines do not ‘jump out’, they clutter instead.

Jason Moss

Jason Moss

The upper floor mural is more desirable. Visible Picasso-like in it’s morph of figures playing instruments, it fits the title a lot better. In bright primary colours, they are like sharp polyphonic notes from a midi synthesizer. What is interesting about the latter mural, are tiny pockets or envelope that seem to suggest the possibility of interaction with the viewer: perhaps to slip in messages of that they ‘hear’ after seeing the work, translating a synaesthetic experience into words.

The work does have its interesting bits, which the viewer must ‘deconstruct’ and crop, preferably with loud music blasting in your earphones.

2 of 10 stars.

Till Apr 22

Tunnel and Community Wall


One response to “Imitative Polyphony: I Am Only Music by Jason Moss

  1. Just 2 stars?

    I think it deserves at least an 8.

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