Daily Archives: May 5, 2007


Visually well balanced works – with a slant towards 2D and ‘free-fall’ drawings and paintings

panoramic shot of the gallery (click to view larger picture)

The title of the exhibition is entirely unpretentious and less complex than one can imagine. It is a play on words like “intransit” and “you”, suggesting shared ideas between the graduates and the viewer alike. Name-calling, is perfectly legitimate, and almost a must for any art exhibition.

I have just coined a term to describe the kind of drawing and painting that is derived from near pure drawings, where the sub-conscious images and text surface as abstract or complex codes and symbols. It might feel like ‘free-fall’ from consciousness, like a sky diver under the influence of gravity. Sometimes, the ink or paint seem to act like free-fall, willfully against logic. This would be in the style of Vincent Leow , or resemble that of Angie Seah’s works. It seems suspiciously prominent in many of the 2D works, plastered on the wall with make-shift ease and heavy dosage of doodles, and I cannot help but wonder if this is a predominant style of LaSalle diploma graduates.

Like other degree shows, it’s difficult to see the talents of many, because space and breadth of work is a constrain, with many graduates displaying only one work (or a cluster of things), hence lacking depth too . They are often developing their own styles or methodology of display, and it would be unhelpful to criticise these overtly.

I can sympathise with two works: Jacqueline’s Do you remember me? and Lim Shingen’s in transit to a void . The two works are painterly, and non-assuming, like some of the better works in the space. The former because of it’s ethereal quality that strikes the viewer to take a closer look, only to find a sensitive faint drawing on translucent fabric of a person, with breathing tubes up the nose, and noticeably in hospital pyjamas. This may be a universal image that we all dread to face, an image we rather dispel from our memories. The scale and choice of fabric deserves another investigation for a deeper, longer lasting impact on the viewer.

The latter because of it’s sheer scale, it is like a centre piece, a portal into nowhere. The colours blend too well to the white wall, and The void should perhaps resemble more of a tunnel, cloaked in nocturnal blue harmony and mystic, than the current pale background. Perhaps then it could act as a piece that could draw the viewer in from the main entrance from one room away.

The only displeasure I have with the show (and the lack of interesting sculptural or video pieces), is the rather dim lighting. Unless of course, art is illuminating enough, a case worth arguing here, and we are happy to strain our eyes to see art.


May 3 -May 10