Wong Keen A Singapore Abstract Expressionist

Another link in Singapore’s ‘2nd generation’ artist

Panoramic view of Wong Keen’s work
“People wouldn’t reach the future, until they have touched the past”. If you are keen to see another development of Singapore’s abstract art in full bloom Asian Modernity, as opposed to the championed-likes of Thomas Yeo and Anthony Poon, do catch this tiny display of 6-7 paintings, from an impressive donation of 63 works from the 1960s to date.

There has been much shadow on Singapore’s art history, when much has not been written or traced effectively. The best account remain’s Ho Ho Ying’s Chinese publication on Art Criticism and Cheo Chai-Hiang’s English translated edition (RE-CONNECTING. Selected Writings on Singapore Art) . Academia seem to be lacking or side-lined, benched by hype about new media and it’s lucrative market. The works of Wong Keen can best be described as Henri Chen in oil, or a more impressive variant of spiritual interest often displayed in master Tan Swie Hian’s works.

The catalogue is ill-suited, with it’s washed out colours pale against the actual works. While much is required to honour this impressive collection than the existing side gallery display, more is required to examine the artistic processes and thought of the artist.

3.0 of 10 stars.

Mar 9 – Jun 24, 2007

Singapore Art Museum

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