Rowing Boat by Zainudin Bin Samsuri

Punting in deep waters

The work plys dangerous murky waters of confusion and superficiality. A visual compilation of Malay idioms inspired sculptures, Zainudin has chosen to juxaposed seemingly random, unrelated objects into an assemblage than symbolises more than the sum of its parts. A mixture of a use of ready mades and hand crafted wood or bend aluminium, they take on bewildering visual-relations that almost numbs – because they do appear rather whimsical in nature.

I honestly think the exhibition would have been a lot more educational, satisfying if the original Malay idioms were made known to the viewer. Even though this might take the fun out of guessing, I think the audience can better fanthom the depth of Zainudin’s craftsmanship and appreciate the source of his inspiration – idioms and not base-less visual idiosyncracies.

12 Jul – 2 Oct (Concourse) Sculpture
12 Jul – 12 Aug (Community Wall) Drawings
Esplanade, Singapore

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