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aptitude for art.

Students from the 7 Art Elective Programme (AEP) Centres strut their stuff at NAFA Galleries 1 & 2. The Art Elective Programme, initiated and funded by the Ministry of Education, allows academically inclined students to pursue art under an extended curriculum under the various centres. Their course of study entails studio practice and theory, ranging from 2.5 hours to 5 hours of art a week (excluding overtime on the part of students, teachers, and sometimes parents!).

When I visited the gallery on a Saturday, young visitors, possibly students in the NAFA children’s art classes accompanied by their parents seemed delighted by the visual spectacle -artworks in a variety of subject matter and media. An adult visitor was quick to note the maturity of methods of expressing their various ideas, and technical competency of these students’ works. Another artist friend commented that some of the works are better than some of the diploma art-school works.

One mindset to access these works, is to consider the themes these teenagers choose to express, either as personal commentary, expression or observations. If art is a reflection of society, then these works may very well allow us an insight into the thinking of some youths today.

Note: Pictures taken are biased towards works of ex-students from NYGH, where I teach.

exhibition unrated.

Exhibition till Aug 6, 2007. Open daily from 10am – 7pm.