Daily Archives: September 8, 2007

Pots, Pipes and Other Pieces

Each vessel is an individual statement, both in form and in the way the clay is worked to its absolute limit — often exposing slight imperfections – Charlotte Cain, ceramic artist based in Singapore

The title of this group show offers little relevance to what you will expect to see – vessels of various sizes, moulding and throwing techniques, and glazes. Suitably placed on wooden plinths, they are lined up in two neat columns, like children on excursion. The works reveal our fascination to clay – a material that is extremely malleable fresh out of the bag – and  ceramic (revered objects exquisite after firing at high temperatures that may even melt bronzes).

The works do not review our understanding of ceramics, nor challenge scale, form and structure of this traditional invented art form, not do they break the mould of seasoned art viewers’ perception of these ceramic vessels being purely decorative. What may be more fascinating will be to take a trip down to the studios of these artists at Jalan Behar.


Level 7, National Library (100 Victoria St)

10am to 9pm



Web link: http://www.www.jbcs.com.sg