Raw 2.0 at NIE Art Gallery

As cliche and self-ego-inflating as it might sound, teaching is a noble profession that creates all other professions. The diploma in education visual arts exhibition shows a glimpse of the raw creative energies that our new batch of art teachers, coming to a school near you in late June 2008. Differing in presentation, content and chosen technical competencies, the exhibition offered a range of subject matters from the deeply personal to the mundane copies of master pieces or the conceptual installation of vinyl stick-ons of urinals.

It is debatable whether art teachers, at the compulsory education level will succeed in nurturing the artists of tomorrow, but one thing is sure, they will sow the seeds of imagination in the minds of many. It is often not the polished ideas that stimulate, but the raw ideas that germinate and spread. 

Oddly timed, the exhibition straddles the last week of the holidays and into the June Holidays, depleting the potential of localised visitors from NTU and NIE. Located in the far flung reaches of Jalan Bahar, off Jurong West, the gallery sits proudly next to the NIE playhouse, offering loads of potential for serious exhibitions or a larger carnival celebrating teaching, creativity and art. 


Raw 2.0

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