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Is It Tomorrow Yet?

A Cruise through Modern and Conceptual Art

A traveling exhibition that began in 2003, sparked the tour of highlights from 1800 works from 600 German and International artists. Highlights from the Daimler Art Collection (1926-2006), presented by Mercedes-Benz, represents the corporate collector’s commitment and sensibility to support the arts, and culture. In the context of exhibiting at the Singapore Art Museum, it serves as a suggested art reference/historical prelude to the previous Accelerate: Chinese Contemporary Art (September – October 2008), contrasting the current Korean Contemporary Art Show (Nov 8 – Mar 15, 2009), and APAD (Dec 13, 2008 – Apr 5, 2009) in terms of national, social and cultural differences. The title of the exhibition is somewhat bewildering, reminding one of Richard Hamilton’s Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? (1956). There is a child-like curiousity and naivety associated with the title. From the range of works exhibited, the exhibition is thought-provoking by segmenting the congruent works into sections that resonate and inspire.  

The exhibition is segmented into 6 sections:

A) European Roots: The Bauhaus, Concrete Art and Constructivism

B) European and American Minimalism (1945-1970s) & European Neo Geo Artists (1980s – 90s)

C) The Car-Related Commissioned Works

D) The European Zero Movement (1960s)

E) The ‘Readymade’ in Contemporary Western Art

F) Towards Tomorrow: The Contemporary Works in the Collection 

The arrangement of the collection in the 10 galleries could be baffling without the exhibition guide, which explains a suggested tour route. Following the route will give the viewer a better picture of the concerns with depiction of pictorial 2D space, and re/presenting concepts and pure ideas; the need to experiment as a pre-requisite of art-making. 


9 of 10 stars (go for the guided tour)


More information on the Daimler Art Collection 

Nov 27, 2008 – Mar 1, 2009