Reminisce on Paper by Tang Ling Nah


Lightness and Weight

Reminiscing on Paper 18 Apr, Sat, 2-8pm

(Images courtesy of the artist. The panoramic photograph is taken by the artist, as an example of a moment he was ‘overwhelmed’ by a view form a Seven-floor overlooking an industrial park; This sense of by overwhelmed can sometimes be felt in Tang Ling Nah’s larger installations)

The recent exhibition by Tang Ling Nah reaffirms the faithfulness and commitment the artist has to her unusual medium of choice – charcoal. Density weightiness and lightness, seem apt words to describe her work, bearing upon architectural non-spaces, or imaginative spaces; fractures in our daily lives. The three choice pieces, can be seen in the (Picasa web album) link above.

The Glimmering, represents density, the overpowering desire to accumulate vast amounts of charcoal from stick to paper, with unbelievable amounts of fixative. This density, seen in her earlier works as explorations of the medium. 

The second image represents weightiness, giving emphasis to form of the architectural space, imaginary or real. The chunky weight of the stairs, is felt in the uneven blend of tones, the strong geometrical shapes that pierce the two-dimensional surface of the  paper, invading our real space. The dissolving of the density to weightiness perhaps signifies coming to terms with the medium, and shift to the depiction of space, and the desire for space.   

The last image, An Other Space within a House, an amalgamation of 5 drawings suggests impermanence, lightness, a matrix of possibilities shifting like plate tectonics. In a strange manner akin to MC Escher’s work, interior and exterior spaces collapse into one.  Like most of her other works, the title guides the viewer to the underlying concepts of the work. Like other pieces, the other space refers to an imaginary space projected both by the artist, and the viewer. This piece is most iconic, and perhaps a turning point in the development of her works, abandoning illusionism for the lightness of charcoal – a gleeful flutter of lines on the wall of paper to a congregation of faithful strokes.

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