ENI-MINI-MINI-MOS: artists who make things small 2

petit pleasures in making and viewing

One has to believe in what one is doing, one has to commit oneself inwardly, in order to do painting. Once obsessed, one ultimately carries it to the point of believing that one might change human beings through painting. But if one lacks this passionate commitment, there is nothing left to do. Then it is best to leave it alone. For basically painting is total idiocy.

– Gerhard Richter, The Daily Practice of Painting, Thames and Hudson 1995.

To work small may be a strategy to deal with space constraints. In the case of  these 10 artists, they deal with more than scale, tackling wide ranging issues and themes from vernacular film and the task of re-painting Infernal Affairs, emotional ambivalence in the small screen animations of Justin Wong to subliminal miniature panoramas that deal with the ‘debris of memory’.

The Esplanade, Jendela (Visual Arts Space)
Nov 6, 2009 – Jan 3, 2010

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