With Love by KC Poh

threading music with colour and tone

With Love by KC Poh

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The recent works by printmaker KC Poh may startle a few, resembling an orchestrated installation with thread, resembling ledger lines on a musical score, home-made rope, a nest-like mesh wrapped around a pillar, and a cone of discarded yarn. Lit unsatisfactorily by a mix of fluorescent and incandescent halogen spots, these threads hug the wall, revealing the uneven imperfections of the rough wall. They remind one of Khiew Huey Chian’s installation (Eg. seen in Found & Lost)  with thread, creating a near invisible rainbow that separates a space. But here, they are used for a different purpose, perhaps a symbolism of love in Chinese folklore,  such as the story of Cowherd and the Weaver, or symbolism of knowledge in Mencius’ Mother Cuts Threads on the Loom.

As part of the Mosaic festival, one can safely assume that the artist wanted an association with music. The different parts of the installation could perhaps be interpreted as suggesting different genres of music: classical, baroque, jazz; or resemblance to musical string instruments, such as the 17 string Japanese zither, the koto seen in the 17 spindle of industrial sized thread of harmonious colours and tones.

The title of the installation does not stitch as much one would love to see. Another possible interpretation of the title, is the suggestion that the work was ‘created with love’, for the passerby. The threads mean untangling, or being tangled in, relaxing, busking in music. Despite most of the crowd hurrying pass the work, some tourists and locals alike stop to take gleeful candid portraits, showing appreciation of the artist’s unusual signature of affection for 3 dimensional lines drawn in space. The work in this simple light, does provide some colours and tones and a near perfect rest, an interval of silence, in the transitional passageway.

12 Mar – 4 Apr, 2010
Esplanade Tunnel

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