Just Type by Jesvin Yeo.

Just Type It.

The title of the exhibition is recognisable and distinct in two ways. It represents a casual, free-spirit just-do-it mentality, as well as a frank, honest statement of the content of the exhibition – just about showing different design of letters.

The exhibition at Chapel Gallery, Sculpture Square consist of three Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) interactive projections, each dealing with the use typography. Armed with RFID alphabet tags cut from acrylic, they trigger different sequences of animation clips. By following the instructions and waving it near a trigger zone, different tags would trigger different animation sequences. Firstly, personification of 10 Type faces, revealing a sketch of what the types look like as ‘fashionista’,  with a short description of their personalities.

The second work narrates a short history of different type faces, their founders, use and updates. Typeset in the chosen typeface, the animated letters fly in and off the screen with motion graphic style.

The third work puns on Singlish, creating pangrams – sentences that use every letter of the alphabet at least once – with comical effect.

The large alphabet tags resembled identity tags, meant to be hung round the neck as if we associated ourselves with the alphabet. The letter we first reach out for, might as well be the initials of our names.

The exhibition just scratched the surface of an emerging design conscious consumerist society. The decision to purchase a bottle of mineral water may well depend on the bottle design, the choice of typeface more so than the price. A limited edition of Issey Miyaki designed bottled Evian Mineral Water (750ml) retailed at close to S$20.

The exhibition felt like a learning gallery, injected with the designer’s humour. I enjoyed the Singlish pangrams and the attempt to spell or misspell words. We learnt about type history and the use of typefaces in print. Presented in a casual manner, it drives home the importance of typography in the printed matter we see all around us and that they are carefully chosen.  By using and exhibiting type in this unusual, slightly interactive manner, the designer has made excellent classroom examples of the innovative use of typography, layout, colours and motion in design.

6.0 of 10 stars.

Solo Exhibition | Just Type
The Sculpture Square | 13 – 30 Jan 2011

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One response to “Just Type by Jesvin Yeo.

  1. Thank you for viewing my exhibition and wrote about it.
    I like how you have linked it to our design conscious consumerist society. From my personal view, I think we will need more of it to bring up the level of aesthetic in Singapore.

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