Synesthesia at Substation Gallery

illustrated words


“Synaesthesia is a serial experiment that crosses the boundaries between two genres of art: the written word and the image. A collaboration between writers and artists, Synæsthesia is the product of a marriage between form and words that exist beyond the page.” (Exhibition synopsis)

The collaboration between writer and artist, seems like unrequited love. The drawn image, courts and romances the written words, filling the viewer with an interpretation of the text.

Don’t get me wrong. The illustrations are actually very well executed; the text on their own are beautiful to read and they do already fuel our imagination.

For the unrequited love to blossom into a true collaboration, trust and ruthless editing is required.

5.0 of 10 stars.
Curated by Winnie Goh and Wei Fen Lee, 9 – 17 April 2011,
The Substation Gallery

An interview with the curators can be found here.


sinəsˈθē zh ə| ( Brit. synaesthesia) noun Physiology & Psychology the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.
the poetic description of a sense impression in terms of another sense, as in “a loud perfume” or “an icy voice.”

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