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Jul-Dec 2013
The Part In The Story Where We Lost Count Of The Days by Heman Chong
Painting in Singapore
Iconoclast Series – Cheo Chai-Hiang’s 5’ x 5’ (Singapore River) (1972)
The Artist, the Book and the Crowd
Jan-Jun 2013

Nowhere Near by Chun Kai Feng
Panoramic Imprint by Printmaking Society Singapore
Is Painting (Really) Dead?
Being Together: Family & Portraits by John Clang


Jul-Dec 2012
Singapore Survey 2012 – New Strange Faces
Lyrical Abstractions: works by Jeremy Sharma and Yeo Shih Yun
Seeker of Hope: Works by Jia Aili
Living Stories by S. Chandrasekaran
The Departed by Guo Yixiu
disillusioned: a conversation between photography and painting by Sarah Choo
The Obits by Grieve Perspective
Encounter: The Royal Academy in Asia
Resolution of Reality by Joo Choon Lin
Jan-Jun 2012Joy in People; Brain Activity


Oct-Dec 2011
First Councilby Tang Da Wu
The Hall of Mirrorsby Bruck Quek
Within a 140 Charactersby Bin
Following Breadcrumbsby Julie Heather Liew
The Burning Gazeby Hyung Koo Kang
Jul-Sep 2011
We Who Saw Signs
Splendid Memories Still Flows Back into the Cosmos … Wow Really
Singapore Survey 2011: Imagine Malaysia
Bird Islandby Guan Wei
Video, an Art, a History
Art Gardenat SAM
Sculpture in the Park
Aung Ko’s Village
Apr-Jun 2011
Three Singapore Artists to look out for in SB2011
Age of Uncertainty
Too Big in the Tankby Joo Choon Lin
Synesthesiaat Substation Gallery
Ah!by Charwei Tsai
Jan-Mar 2011
Reframing Sculpture: Through a 3-D Lens
Collectors’ Stage
Just Type by Jesvin Yeo
Art Stage at Marina Bay Sands


Oct – Dec 2010
Bridging Worlds: Cheong Soo Pieng
The World Outside by Tang Ling Nah
The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline by Debbie Ding
Play Dead by Tan Guo Liang
Natee Utarit: After Painting
Whiteness of a Whale by Zhao Renhui
Sep 2010
Interview with Chun Kai Qun
August 2010
Cai Guo-Qiang: Head-On
Utopia Highway by Chun Kai Qun
July 2010
Lim Yew Kuan
Rediscovering Yeh Chi Wei
Realism in Asia
June 2010
Ming Wong: Life of Imitation
(Con)Front by John Clang
Play – New Art from Myanmar
Encountering Cheong Soo Pieng: review by Chan Liping
May 2010
Inventory at Osage Gallery
Resurrecting Paintings by Jeremy Hiah
Dire Patternsby Antipas Delotavo
April 2010
Harry by Ong Hui Har
Green City II: A Collective Memory of Moving Images in Contemporary Painting by Ng Joon Kiat
January to March 2010
Grieve Perspective
How It Is – At Tate Modern, UK
Drawing Circus by Lim Shing Ee


November to December 2009
Artist’s Interview: Tan Wee Lit
These Things Must Be Done to Get Along in Life
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Together Again: Wood Cut II
Distance and Proximity at NAFA Gallery
Jane Lee at Osage Gallery
Ng Yat-Chuan at NIE Gallery
President’s Young Talent (PYT) 2009
Tactile at 8Q
September to October 2009
Mind.Body. Spirit by Li Chen
Analogicby Vertical Submarine
1 to 9 by Ang Soo Koon
Persistence of Vision by Erika Tan
I Polunin at NUS Museum
July to August 2009
A Story of the Image
Society of the Spectacle: NDP as art
Drawing as Form
The Air Conditioned Recession: A Singapore Survey
May to June 2009
Flux Technicolourby Ian Woo
The Perfect Desire for a Description of an Image
Found & Lost
LASALLE Visual Arts Grad. Show 09
Home Dream Home by Terence Lin
If a Tree Falls in the Forest
February to April 2009
Reminisce on Paper by Tang Ling Nah
Psychotaxonomy by Michael Lee
At Home Abroad

Come Out and Play by Joo Choon Lin
Transcendence: Modernity and Beyond in Korean Art
This is Not a Print! at SAM
Is It Tomorrow Yet?
raised , by Genevieve Chua
January 2009
Video Conference 1.1 by Urich Lau


October 2008
Mapping the Corporeal by Ronald Ventura
Bound for Glory by Wong Hoy Cheong
Excelsior Mortis! by Jack Youngblood
8 Q-Rated: School at SAM

November 2008
Voom Portraits by Robert Wilson
Doubleness: Photography by Chang Chien-Chi
September 2008
New Castle by Chua Chye Teck
For Mr. and Mrs. Children by Chun Kai Feng and Chun Kai Qun
August 2008
The Artists Village: 20 years On
Motherhood Games by Shia Yih Yiing
ISEA2008 juried exhibition
July 2008
Alain Fleischer: Time Exposure
Transient Light Whisphering Breeze
A Bowl of Rice by Zai Kuning
June 2008
Points of View by Matthew Ngui at NMS
My Last Adornment by Shing at Substation Gallery
Seeing. Feeling. Being. Alberto Giacometti at SAM
May 2008
Raw 2.0 at NIE Art Gallery
Democratic Art at IKEA
Extra Value Meal by Chun Kai Feng, Chun Kai Qun and Joo Choon Lin
Incident Traces (I) by Bruce Q
April 2008
The Gloaming
March 2008
Reconfiguration at NUS Museums
Videology at the Substation Gallery
February 2008
Wonderland by Chua Chye Teck
Awlays here but not awlays prsenet
The Thing It Saw by Ian Woo
Still/Life by Jason Lim
January 2008
Filem-Filem-Filem by Ming Wong
Perception is a Delusion by Miguel Chew
Trace by Susie Wong
A Day Without Trees by Yeo Chee Kiong


December 2007
Laughing Matter at NAFA
Drawing Breath: 10 yrs of the Jerwood Drawing Prize at NAFA
The Big Picture Show at SAM
Tourist Attraction Today by Dan Yeo
November 2007
From the everyday to the Imagined: an exhibition of Indian Art
October 2007
Widayat between worlds: A Retrospective
From Words to Pictures: Art during the Emergency
September 2007
Index of Kindness by Ruark Lewis and Jonathan Jones Raised by 8 artistsAnother Place. Another Time by Eric ChanFreedom of Daydream, Mothers of Imagination by Lee Wen
August 2007
Parables by Namiko Takahashi ChanWu Xiao Kang (1979 – 2007) by A Dose of Light artist groupSolo Exhibition by Namiko Chan Takahashi
July 2007
Rowing Boat by Zainudin Samsuri
Whose Playground is This?
Clang, A White Book
May 2007
Wong Keen A Singapore Abstract Expressionist at SAMZeng Fanzhi – IdealismGlare by Julia Roberts (Aus)Digital Dualism by Joan Kelly and Philip BaldwinMe, Myself and ALL by Chun Kai FengINTRANSITU-asmuchforyouasitisforus, LASALLE grad show
June 2007
‘extra ordinary’ & the 9th Emerging Artists Show at PKWEngraving the World -A Selection from the Chalcography Collection of the Louvre Museum at SAMStreetwork by Shaun Gladwell and Craig WalshDomestic Bliss by 3 Malaysian ArtistsPicturing Relations: Simryn Gill & Tino DjuminiAzhanti High Lightning: rudiments of life and death by Simon BirchAngel Mask by Wing ShyaAs Brutal As by Genevieve Chua
May 2007
Wong Keen A Singapore Abstract Expressionist at SAM
Zeng Fanzhi – Idealism
Glare by Julia Roberts (Aus)
Digital Dualism by Joan Kelly and Philip Baldwin
Me, Myself and ALL by Chun Kai Feng
INTRANSITU-asmuchforyouasitisforus, LASALLE grad show
April 2007
A performance of curators by Khairuddin Hori: Trading Craft
The House by Yeo Chee Kiong
Delusion by Miguel Chew
Eden by Donna Ong
Superstrings by Joshua Yang
Let’s Draw a Belief When We Lose Faith by Angie Seah
A Wonderful Weekend
Focus on Paper by Lin Tian Miao
March 2007
On Art Critics
Recollections of the Void by Pippa Killen
Maestros: Masters of Indian Classical Music by Raghu Rai
Imitative Polyphony: I Am Only Music by Jason Moss
Drift Net By Choy Ka Fai
NAFA SVA Graduation Show 2007
February 2007
SEND ME AN ANGEL by Tang Ling Nah
End of a Decade by Jeremy Sharma
January 2007
Athlete by Jeremy Sharma and Toh Hun PingValbelle, Myth or Fiction? Part 2: The Dream by Gilles MassotSTILL SMALL VOICE, a group show at Utterly ArtValbelle, Myth or Fiction? Part 1: The Museum by Gilles MassotEric Chan in Huayi 2007: Once Upon A SpringtimeVisable by Larry Dunstan


December 2006
PKW: Appetites for Litter, The 8th Emerging Artists Show
Kill Nothing but Time, Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprints
Jeremy Sharma: A Certain Slant of Light
November 2006
Ye Shu Fang
Style and Imagination, NAFA Collection
“Telah Terbit” (Out Now): Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Practices During the 1970s
Victor Tan at Esplanade Concourse
October 2006
Imprints of the Past: Remembering the 1966 Woodcut Show
‘Transfriable – Lost Docks’
September 2006
Jack Youngblood: Recent Works
Review: 25th UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition
Dreams, 2005-6
City Hall and the Singapore Art Biennale
Slow start to the Biennale, but Free Pin-Badges with Exhibition Visit
June 2006
Supernaturalartificial: contemporary photo-based art from Australia
Migration Addicts
SSS Milestones Project @ library 2006
The Scenic Eye, Visual Arts and the Theatre
Prop*lematic by Claudia Conducto
May 2006
Fiction @ Love
Beyond Description by Kim Bum-Su
The HDB Heartbeat by Selvarani Munnusami
Furniture Design Award: Fly
April 2006
I M Breather by Jeremy HiahTransit – Transition by Wolfgang LaibSHO – Personal Moments of Truth
March 2006
wwwOBM: by Tang Mun Kit
Deviant: an exhibition by Felicia Low
February 2006
Reviewing “Terrorist art attack By Ong Su Bin The Straits Times, 2006-02-18”
Have Logue, will travel

Ran 染A river in 3 parts By Jerome Ming, and sound by Zai Kuning
, Inaugural Exhibition

(Oasis by) 1 Singapore Artist: Han Sai Por

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