Exhibition rating system (2007)
1 – 2 stars

Exhibitions within this below average range puts this exhibition last on my list of things to do. E.g. Work, do administrative work, prepare for lessons, Paint, coffee, laundry, television, go for a stroll in a park and only if I have TOO much time, I will see this one-star rated art exhibition again.

3-4 stars

Exhibitions within this average range are worth seeing if you know the artist or happen to be in the area.

5-6 stars

Exhibitions within this satisfactory to good  range are worth seeing, especially if you follow the artists’ works. The exhibition is curated. E.g. it has an overall theme or concept behind the exhibition, rather than an eclectic mix of rojak works.

7-8 stars

Exhibitions within this very good range are worth making the extra effort to visit. The exhibition is well curated, and well organised with consideration for supporting events. E.g. Dialogue sessions, art education support.

9 – 10 stars

Exhibitions within this excellent range puts this exhibition as ‘make appointment with friends now’, ‘must see’, and would warrant a re-visit. The exhibition is excellently curated, the site is well thought through, and the show and supporting events are superbly well-organised; with friendly museum or gallery staff to answer queries.


Not all exhibitions are covered!

There are different types of exhibitions an artist in Singapore can take part in, (possibly in order of natural gutsy progression) ranging from graduation shows, singular installations within campus or public solo-window-display type exhibit; group shows, curated commercial (group or individual) shows, curated group shows, invited group shows such as Singapore Art Show, M1 Fringe or ‘equivalent scale art event’, Singapore Biennale, Venice Biennale, Documenta or other large-scale international Biennales. The scope of the review covers only local public exhibitions, and not art you do in your studio unless it’s a public open studio.

Artists may not have all the control over how their works are seen and the rating may seem a bit unfair for artists. The ratings are meant for the exhibitions, and not to be taken personally. The rating system at the end of the review is derived from a compulsion to place a numeric value, for the art audience who just wants a quick gauge to determine whether an exhibition is worth seeing. Over time, the discerning reader will understand the angles I take, and gauge for themselves the intrinsic values of visiting art exhibitions, and ignore the ratings. Should my ratings be a bit overboard or rubbish to begin with, the reader should ignore it.

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