Art Garden @ SAM

Splendid fun

(image: Dawn Ng / Hello Sunshine, SUPERHIGH, 2011)

Following a successful season in 2010, Art Garden returns to the Singapore Art Museum with more delightful, interactive artworks and short animations. Judging from the crowd – parents with strollers and excited children – the exhibition is splendid fun.

Delving deeper, each artwork could suggest phenomena of this 21st century or a critique of challenges of raising children in the digital age, urban city, city of climbing costs of living or climate volatile times.

For example, Paramodel’s Paramodelic-Graffiti suggests even in our imaginations, we dream of conquering nature with tracks and cranes. Bertrand Plane’s Lightning Action a premonition of our obsession with consumption, while Alexandre Dang’s Dancing Solar Flowers, placed indoor and surviving on artificial light says a lot about over-protection.

Most of the animated films may appeal to adults than to children because of it’s mature content. I don’t mean risque content. Rather, thoughtful universal themes such as love, friendship, self-identity that are developed in simple plots that are enveloped in frisky, adorable characters.

As a garden welcoming everyone, this 2 gallery exhibition is decked in rich, colourful spectrums set to dazzle young children and the adults young at art.

Art Garden 2011 @ SAM

7.0 of 10 stars
Singapore Art Museum, 3 June to 30 August 2011

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