Clang: A White Book

A minimalistic cube-in-cube, the small-scaled but unconventional single white-book exhibition by John Clang will tickle your shutterbug senses. The ‘cube room’ with one table and chair is lit by an arrangement of zigzag ceiling fluorescent tubes, suggesting a photographer’s studio or a space that isn’t afraid to show evolving experiments, blemishes and foot prints.
John Clang

The photographs reveal and review his honest progressive exploration of techniques, and personal spaces, cover to cover. Personal spaces are expanded, imagined and manipulated to stretch photography to the lay-person.

The aura of the commercial fashion photographer aside, the singular take on photographic possibilities should enthrall.

(100 words only)

6.0 of 10 stars

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Other notes:
Feldman’s Method of Art Criticism: Describe, Analyse, Interpret, evaluation

5 responses to “Clang: A White Book

  1. 6 stars for this crap show? you must be kidding me… i am yet to recover from the other crap clang dished out at esplanade last year!

  2. To be fair to the artist, I think this is a more considered attempt to tackle some of the issues in contemporary photography, even in Singapore. Try to put aside his commercial photography image, even though it may be just as hard to separate the showman from Andy Warhol. I stand by my review (ignore the stars if you like).

  3. so clang’s commercial photography work, the thing that made him a first class jet-setter and neighbour to kanye west is not art enough? what issues in singapore contemporary photography? oh! that he won’t move back here because like he said in the press, there is not enough jobs (we thinks its money actually) for him to swim around in in the local commercial playground? oh! i so respect all our talented, non-quitter, poor, obscure, NAC economy class travel grant sponsored, neighbours to ah peks, struggling local artists. we thinks he is not only colourblind… the dude has has to come clean with his other special ‘blind-type’ handicapzs…

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